Jobs for criminals

October 24, 2008

If you have a criminal record of some sort, I know it is difficult to find a job. And I know that, so I’ll show you a list of jobs that you hire – even if you have a criminal record.

I mean how many times you try to get a job, but the employer turned you down because of your criminal record what happened as a period of two years or even 10 years ago? It stinks, does not it? So what kind of jobs are there for people with a criminal record?

Here’s a short list of jobs that you could get, even if you have a criminal record … such as military related jobs, truck driver, and clerical work, but I am talking about work at home using the Internet.

Here are 3 jobs that you can while you have a criminal record:

1. Military posts (they renounce your criminal)

2. Work at home jobs (freelance)

3. Restaurant employment (depending on the restaurant … high-end restaurants care, but if you work for a family restaurant, they will be good if you are honest about your criminal record. Sometimes they are not even ask you if you made a crime)

You see, there are many companies who hire people to work at home (it is called telecommuting). And they do not hesitate to hire people with criminal records. Basically you can get jobs in customer service as the service, the Call Center specialist, researcher, or simply Secretary of jobs.

Believe me, I do not want this good technical or complicated … ridiculous because my friend has a job at home. If he can do, I think everyone can. Where do you find these jobs? Well this is the most labor contract and you have to find various free-lance Web sites of employment.

But I recommend you learn to make money on the Internet with a freebie Incentized websites. And what is Incentized freebie websites? Basically, what you do is you try products on the Internet – and get paid for it at the same time.

It is a good way to make money on the Internet because you do not need to invest money in advance and you can make an average of $ 10 per hour – which is if you work at home, right? So do not worry if you have a criminal record because there are jobs for people with a criminal record.

Who else wants to make $ 2000 a month at home during their free time – without investing the money in advance without scam, without having a website. I’ll show you how, step by step …. Click for my Newbie Revenue $ 2500 manual, for free, of course:)

I was a full-time income on home since 2006, but … do not laugh when I tell you this: I am not an expert! I am a person. But nobody can make a very decent income from the Internet.


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